Vehicle Wrap Removal

Cavalli Stables certified experts can remove your vehicles wrap using a variety of different methods including dry heat and our state-of-the-art steam machine. When it comes time to remove the wrap, we use only the highest quality products and processes to ensure that your vehicle and the original paint underneath is preserved and maintained.

Many of our clients requesting wrap removal do so when the wrap has reached the end of its useful life, has started to fade, crack or peel, they intend to sell the vehicle or just want a simple change. Our wrap removal services are also ideal for those who are closing or changing their business.

Vinyl Wrap Removal

Cavalli Stables Mobile Detailing has the right tools for removing vinyl wraps or stickers in the Greater Toronto Area. We can safely and efficiently dissolve adhesives and remove old, worn and cracked vinyl.

Steam, which is one of our more efficient ways to remove vinyl, vehicle graphics, full vehicle wraps, stickers, and decals, does so without damaging the paint or surface underneath. Even Paint Protection Film (PPF) or aged, sun faded and cracked vinyl, are no match for steam. The mixture of heat, pressure and moisture, safely remove the baked on vinyl.

Vinyl wrap removal solvent

In many cases, though dependant on the condition, quality and age of the vinyl, there could be some adhesive residue left over from the vinyl. If this is the case, we are able to break it down with a special solvent or heat, pressure and moisture.

Cavalli Stables can apply a chemical adhesive residue remover on the layer of residue to remove it. In some cases, we must scrape the glue away with a plastic razor blade.

Wrap Removal for windows and buildings

Store fronts, windows and buildings pose a similar issue with vinyl removal. No job is too big or too small for Cavalli Stables Mobile Detailing.

Wrap Removal Services by Cavalli Stables

Our staff has years of vinyl wrap removal experience. Cavalli Stables Mobile Detailing, primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, will assist you in removing the old wrap off your work vehicle, car, or building, among other thinga. To learn more about which vinyl wrap options will work best for your specific business needs, contact our professional team today.

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