Vehicle Wrap Removal

Cavalli Stables certified experts can remove your present wrap if you are unhappy with it. When it comes time to remove the wrap, one of the most significant advantages of wrapping your vehicle is the ability to preserve the paint job. However, if you want the job done right, you'll need to employ a qualified professional. They'll have the right tools and know-how to get the work done well the first time.

Call us if your wrap has reached the end of its useful life. We'll make sure your car is ready for a new wrap or to be sold. Our car wrap removal services are also ideal for those who are closing their business or simply want to change things up.

Vinyl Wrap Removal

Cavalli Stables Mobile Unit has the ideal tools for removing vinyl stickers in the Greater Toronto Area. They can swiftly dissolve adhesives and speed up the peeling process by producing extremely hot steam.

Steam is the most efficient way to remove vinyl vehicle graphics, stickers, wraps, letters, and decals without damaging them. Even clear car bars and window clings, which are notoriously difficult to remove, are no match for steam. There are no harsh chemicals required! It's quite normal.

Heat or steam method

Steam cleaners and heat guns can remove almost any sort of vinyl or sticker from a range of surfaces.

  • Remove vinyl stickers, wrapping, writing, and decals with steam.
  • Unwanted stickers and vinyl are removed off fragile surfaces such as car exteriors, mirrors, and windows.

Vinyl wrap removal solvent

There could be some residue left over from the vinyl glue. If this is the case, you can break it down with a vinyl wrap removal solvent.

We will be left with a coat of adhesive on the surface of your paint after removing the vinyl car wrap material. Heating the vinyl thoroughly before removing it can help lessen the amount of adhesive left behind, but it won't completely erase it.

Cavalli Stables applies a chemical adhesive residue remover on the remaining layer to remove it. We spray the entire area of the body panel with adhesive remover and wait one minute while continuing to work in small parts. Scrape the glue away with a plastic razor blade before cleaning up the rest with a paper towel. Rep this procedure until all of the adhesives have been removed.

Wrap Removal for windows, fleets, buildings

With vinyl wraps, buildings pose a similar issue. A little logo on your window, a directional arrow on the lobby floor, and a giant version of your logo on the lobby wall are all possibilities. Each of these positions suggests a new material that you should avoid damaging. Fortunately, with a few minor modifications, the procedure is very similar to removing decals from vehicles.

Wrap Removal Services by Cavalli Stables

Our staff has decades of skilled and clean vinyl wrap removal experience. Cavalli stables' crew, placed in the Greater Toronto Area, will assist you in removing the old wrap off your work vehicle, car, or building. To learn more about which vinyl wrap options will work best for your specific business needs, contact our professional team today.

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